Django 1.10 released

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Decription: These release notes cover the new features, as well as some incompatible changes you’ll want to be aware of when upgrading from Django 1.9 or older versions. Some features were dropped that have reached the end of their deprecation cycle, and the deprecation process for
some features has began.


  • Full text search for PostgreSQL - django.contrib.postgres now includes a collection of database functions to allow the use of the full text search engine. It also now includes trigram support, using the trigram_similar lookup, and the TrigramSimilarity and TrigramDistance expressions.
  • New-style middlewareA new style of middleware is introduced to solve the lack of strict request/response layering of the old-style of middleware
  • Official support for Unicode usernames
  • Minor features

Recommended action: Upgrade to the latest version

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