Docker v.1.13

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Description: Docker team announsed the latest release of the container engine yesterday.


  • Compose-file support to the `docker stack deploy` command so that services can be deployed using a `docker-compose.yml` file directly.
  • Improved CLI backwards compatibility
  • Added a couple of nifty commands to help users understand how much disk space Docker is using
  • CLI restructured - regrouped every command to sit under the logical object it’s interacting with. For example list and startof containers are now subcommands of docker container and history is a subcommand of docker image.
  • Monitoring improvements - improved debugging services, added new commands.
  • Build improvements - added new experimental --squash flag. When squashing, Docker will take all the filesystem layers produced by a build and collapse them into a single new layer
  • Docker for AWS and Azure are out of public beta and ready for production

Affected versions: Docker v.1.x

Recommended action: Install the latest version.

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