Drupal Core – Multiple Vulnerabilities

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Decription: Multiple vulnerabilities have been recently fixed in Drupal core:

  1. Saving user accounts can sometimes grant the user all roles (User module - Drupal 7)
    A vulnerability exists in the User module, where if some specific contributed or custom code triggers a rebuild of the user profile form, a registered user can be granted all user roles on the site. This would typically result in the user gaining administrative access.
  2. Views can allow unauthorized users to see Statistics information (Views module - Drupal 8)
    An access bypass vulnerability exists in the Views module, where users without the "View content count" permission can see the number of hits collected by the Statistics module for results in the view.

Affected versions:

  • Drupal core 7.x versions prior to 7.44
  • Drupal core 8.x versions prior to 8.1.3

Recommended action: Install the latest version:

Origin URLs:

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