Lighttpd v.1.4.43 available

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Decription: A new version of Lighttpd has just been announced.


  • improvements
    • improve FastCGI, SCGI, proxy reconnect on failure
    • build systems: do not build modules for which dependencies are not present
    • autobuild: use CC_FOR_BUILD for lemon when cross-compiling
    • config: warn if mod_authn_ldap,mysql not listed
    • config file remote IP conditions are valid for TLS SNI
    • mod_deflate ignore trailing ‘*’ in deflate.mimetypes
    • mod_deflate skip deflate if loadavg too high
    • mod_accesslog %{ratio}n logs compression ratio
    • mod_expire by mimetype
    • mod_evhost partial matching patterns
    • mod_dirlisting config header and readme files
  • bug fixes
    • fix potential tempfile corruption with streaming response
    • fix fd leak when using libev (1.4.42)
    • fix ssl client certificate authentication segfaults (1.4.42)
    • fix mod_scgi prefix matching to always match url

Recommended action: It is obvious that upgrade is recommended.

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