NnginX v.1.11.7 available

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Decription: NginX developers have recently announced the latest release of the NginX web server.


  • in case of a client certificate verification error the $ssl_client_verify variable contains a string with the failure reason, for example, "FAILED:certificate has expired".
  • the $ssl_ciphers, $ssl_curves, $ssl_client_v_start, $ssl_client_v_end, and $ssl_client_v_remain variables.
  • when using HTTP/2 and the "limit_req" or "auth_request" directives client request body might be corrupted; the bug had appeared in 1.11.0.
  • fixed a a segmentation fault error in a worker process when using HTTP/2; the bug had appeared in 1.11.3.
  • fixed bugs in ngx_http_mp4_module and ngx_http_perl_module

Recommended action: Apply the latest upgrade

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