Node v7.6.0 available

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Description: New version of Node.js from current branch has been announced recently


  • deps:
    • update V8 to 5.5 (Michaël Zasso) #11029
    • upgrade libuv to 1.11.0 (cjihrig) #11094
    • add node-inspect 1.10.4 (Jan Krems) #10187
    • upgrade zlib to 1.2.11 (Sam Roberts) #10980
  • lib: build node inspect into node (Anna Henningsen) #10187
  • crypto: Remove expired certs from CNNIC whitelist (Shigeki Ohtsu) #9469
  • inspector: add --inspect-brk (Josh Gavant) #11149
  • fs: allow WHATWG URL objects as paths (James M Snell) #10739
  • src: support UTF-8 in compiled-in JS source files (Ben Noordhuis) #11129
  • url: extend url.format to support WHATWG URL (James M Snell) #10857

Recommended action: Apply to the latest version and test your applications for compatibility issues.

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