Redis 3.2.0 released

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Redis 3.2.0 stable is out with changes that may be useful to a big number of Redis users.


  • The GEO API. Index whatever you want by latitude and longitude, and query by radius, with the same speed and easy of use of the other Redis data structures.
  • The new BITFIELD command allows to use a Redis string as a bit array composed of many integers with user specified size and offset.
  • Improvements to Redis Cluster, including rebalancing capabilities in redis-trib and better replicas migration.
  • Improvements to Lua scripts replication. It is now possible to use “effects replication” to write scripts containing side effects.
  • Improved memory usage because of he changes operated by Oran Agra to SDS and the Jemalloc size classes setup.

Recommended action: Upgrade for sure 🙂

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