Varnish Cache v.5.0.0

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Decription: Varnish Cache 5.0.0 has been released!


  • Separate VCL files and VCL labels - supports jumping from the active VCL's vcl_recv{} to another VCL via a VCL label
  • Very Experimental HTTP/2 support - the code is very green still
  • The Shard Director - added to the directors VMOD which is basically a better hash director, which uses consistent hashing to provide improved stability of backend node selection
  • Hit-For-Pass is now actually Hit-For-Miss
  • Ban Lurker Improvements
  • Request Body sent always / "cacheable POST"
  • Backend PROXY protocol requests
  • Default VCL search path - for default builds, vcl files are now also being looked for under
  • /usr/share/varnish/vcl if not found in /etc/varnish

  • The basic device detection vcl (devicedetect.vcl) is now bundled with varnish
  • Origin URLs:

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